Rent a boat, and experience Lofoten from the sea

The sea is central here in Lofoten, in every way. From taking an afternoon trip to fish your dinner, to work and live as a professional fisherman. But the closeness to the sea also offers many more opportunities to create memorable experiences! By renting a boat here at Hemmingodden, family and friends can see and experience Lofoten from a new dimension.

Seeing the Lofoten mountains from the sea is something by itself. In summer you can cruise around for 24 hours and enjoy being in the realm of the midnight sun. If you drive to the "outer side", you see the sun all night through in June, and the first part of July. Time disappears at this time of year; energy lasts longer. And if you do not have the clock on, it is easy to forget to go to bed. Here outside Ballstad, on the "inner side" as we say, there are many islands to discover. Bring lunch and jump ashore! Out here, eagles often circulate, and the fishing boats come and go. Relax, read a book, or sleep for an hour or two, before moving on to the next island.

With our boats, you get far on one tank. On good weather days, you can take the opportunity to take a full-day discovery trip where you explore hidden gems, places you cannot reach by foot. Untouched beaches and small bays await, where you can eat your packed lunch. If you take the trip to the "outer side" of Lofoten, there are several both beautiful and famous beaches to visit. Kvalvika and Bunesstranda are the most talked about, insanely lovely! From Kvalvika it is also possible to hike up to Ryten.

From Hemmingodden it takes about an hour by boat to Reine, in the west, with a Kaasbøll 760. Along the way, you get the whole beautiful "Lofoten wall" close up, an experience! At Reine, you find various things to do, like culture, the popular hike to Reinebringen with stairs, made by sherpas, and the beautiful gallery in the centre. Continue your trip by taking your boat into the magical Kirkefjord - from here it is also possible to walk over to Bunesstranda – an easy and short trip, suitable for people of all ages.

And don't miss Sakrisøy where you can eat a fantastic fish burger at Anitas Seafood!

And of course, you should go fishing once you have rented a boat. There is little that beats eating self-caught fish for dinner, totally fresh! We have extensive experience with fishing here at Hemmingodden and are happy to come up with tips for the right fishing spots, and recipes for your dinner.

Renting a boat at Hemmingodden will give you experiences and memories for a lifetime.
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