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Experiences you will love in the middle of Lofoten

Lofoten is the archipelago which welcomes all ages. Here are experiences and activities for everyone, and also the peace and quietness we long for.


In solitary majesty, alone between sea and mountains, lies the wild and beautiful fishing village of Eggum. Eggum is part of a national tourist route and a place where the midnight sun appears from its most wonderful side. Towards the open sea is a picnic area shaped like an amphitheatre. Nearby there are parking and toilets. West of the picnic area you can experience the whimsical and slightly magical work of art by Markus Raetz. A head that looks out over the sea. Try to walk around it and see how it changes shape. From Eggum, you can follow a path and go on a two-hour-long walk that ends at the wonderful Unstad.

Surfing at Unstad

It is said that the left wave in the sea at Unstad is one of the best in the world. The professional surfers come in the autumn and winter, while the kind summer waves are suitable for beginners. Here you can rent surfboards and suits, spend the night in cabins and order food. Experienced surfers will enjoy themselves best in autumn, winter and spring; beginners can come all year round. If the waves turn out to be too rough for a beginner at Unstad, the road to Flakstad beach is short.

Lofotr Viking Museum

At Borg in Lofoten, Europe's largest chieftain's house from the Viking Age was found and excavated in the 1980s. In this place, you will find the Lofotr Viking Museum today. The museum delivers a unique experience of going back in time. Experience the houses, the farm, the animals, the food, the smells, Viking ships and crafts. Meet guides in contemporary clothing that show you around. Lofotr Viking Museum is an exciting and educational place for both adults and children. Read more (link to the blog article «Follow in the footsteps of the Vikings»)

The glassblower in Vikten

In the middle of Lofoten, sheltered between steep mountains and with the open sea right outside, is the applied art centre «Glasshytta på Vikten». In Vikten, the North Sea grinds the stones into beautiful sculptures, and the midnight sun adds colour to the landscape.

As the first in Northern Norway, Åsvar Tangrand started with glassblowing in 1977. The glass production eventually took place in the glass cabin, a beautiful building close to the magnificent nature. Today, his son Anders Tangrand runs the place. You can see and experience the magical work in the glass production facilities and find treasures to buy. Lofoten Design runs a café with magnificent views of Vikten; here you can order food for groups.


If you want to experience an authentic and traditional fishing village, you should visit Nusfjord, it was an important hub during «Lofotfisket» and is one of the oldest fishing villages in the archipelago. In Nusfjord you will find fisherman's cabins and a cosy restaurant in an old stockfish loft. You will also find a store from 1907, that has preserved its original style, a mini-museum where you can see objects from the old cod liver factory, and movies from everyday life in a bygone era. Experience the real Lofoten soul - visit Nusfjord!

Sund Fishing Museum and The Blacksmith in Sund

In the Sund Fishing Museum, you will find an exciting collection of engines and fishing objects and a smithy in Sund. The museum was established in 1947 by Hans Gjertsen, also called Smeden in Sund / The blacksmith in Sund. In 1963, King Olav visited Sund in connection with the opening of the E10, "King Olav Vs vei". The blacksmith in Sund wanted to hand over a cormorant to the King but was rejected. However, the blacksmith did not give in and shouted over the crowd: "You King, may I give you a cormorant." The king became curious and asked to see the cormorant. The king got the cormorant, and the blacksmith did the PR-stunt of his life.

Today it is Thor-Vegard Mørkved who is a blacksmith in Sund. Visit the museum and explore the history, and see the blacksmith in action in the smithy. If you are lucky, you will be served a good dose of fairy tales simultaneously.