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Are you planning a summer holiday in Lofoten with your family?

Welcome to Ballstad! Here there is, literally, a sea of ​​opportunities for all ages. And you will find it all right outside your door, here at Hemmingodden Lodge!

In these times, many have had to change their holiday dreams and plans for trips abroad. Make yourself a real dream holiday in Lofoten instead! Based in a fisherman's cabin at Hemmingodden Lodge, the table is set for good experiences for the whole family. Here are our best tips:

Fishing trip with a real fisherman

We would almost say that a fishing trip, with an experienced fisherman, should be at the top of the family's activity list. Fishing is a central part of Lofoten's history and is still an important industry for us today.

Ballstad is Lofoten's largest active fishing village. Our experienced professional fishermen are happy to take you on a 2-3 hour fishing trip. Our fishermen know the sea as their own pocket, and they know exactly where the fish bite. Besides, you will be able to enjoy the view of our beautiful archipelago from the seaside. Steep mountainsides that plunge into the sea, and rich wildlife. On these trips, you get to take the pulse of the real Lofoten and what is the basis for life here.

And the catch? We teach you to gut and fillet on board, and also afterwards in our nice gut shed. Of course, you can bring the fish with you to the fisherman's cabin, it is extraordinary to eat your own catch. If you stay with us at Hemmingodden Lodge, we have plenty of freezing space for storing the fish before you go home.

Rent a boat and try the fishing luck on your own

In the summer, the Lofoten Sea sun 24/7 – there is little that can be compared to it! If you are a little used to boats and want flexibility, you can rent a boat for one or more days. In this way, you can explore our beautiful archipelago on your own, with or without a fishing line.

We rent out family-friendly and safe boats and everything you need for testing your fishing luck. If you are not used to boats, we can come along as guides. If you are fortunate, you will see both orcas and eagles on the trip. These often turn into magical days that you can come back to when the holiday is over.

Read more about our boats here.

Hiking the mountains, and walks in the countryside

Near Hemmingodden, we have great hiking areas for all ages. For the little ones, and for those who are not so used to hiking or have physical limitations, Ballstad Trail is a fantastic alternative. Here you go roughly from saltwater to fresh water and can enjoy the view of both mountains and cultural landscapes. This is a hiking experience that is suitable for absolutely everyone.

It is well adapted for the disabled; you can go with a pram. There are many benches for a nice break and fun signs with names of the places you pass along the way, and not least a beautiful shelter at the east end of Storvatnet.

If you want to go up in height, you can choose a nice trip that starts from Kræmmervika at Ballstad. The path is somewhat steep up towards Ballstadheia, but already here there is a fantastic view. Further up towards Nonstinden (459 masl) and Munkan (494 masl) it is relatively easy to walk. Along the way, there are many great viewing points.

In addition to this, there are several child-friendly hikes on Vestvågøy that offers beautiful views and great nature experiences for the whole family – ask us!

Rent a kayak or SUP board

The archipelago outside Ballstad is simply magical. When you get close to the sea surface, the stage is set for fantastic nature experiences, that can take the breath away from even the most seasoned globetrotters. Our colleagues in Lofoten Diving rent out kayaks, SUP boards and instructors.

If mum or dad has a kayak certificate, you can rent a boat on your own, or go out with an experienced instructor. When it comes to SUP, Stand Up Paddling, you can rent both boards and suits from there. For more info and booking - check here or contact us, and we will help you make a reservation.

Snorkeling and diving

Lofoten is a paradise for divers, and at Ballstad you will find Lofoten Diving, a PADI 5 Star Diving Resort. Here you can take part in various water-based activities, adapted to your skills.

Snorkelling is a great way to start your family's underwater adventure. Here you can explore a new and fascinating world with a minimum of equipment and a minimum of prior knowledge. Beautiful kelp forests, algae, spectacular jellyfish, sea urchins and starfish, and large fish species and crabs.

Snorkelling is a safe, easy and enjoyable activity for families with children aged eight-year and older. If someone in the family has a diving licence and wants to dive, there is no problem. The snorkelling trips are carried out together with diving trips so that a family with different wishes still can enjoy the day together.

If you have never dived before, you have the chance to explore Lofoten underwater with your own instructor. The first dive is a maximum of six meters, and you are guided by a highly qualified instructor who accompanies you. Relax and enjoy! For more info and booking, check here.

Find peace in the simple

Vacation time is often synonymous with expectations that we have to do so much. We think a visit to Lofoten should provide peace and presence, and therefore we invite you to think about the tiny and simple things, which still put stars in the eyes of the children!

  • Sit down in our cosy «langbua» with good drinks and board games for hours, while you follow boat traffic and birdlife in the harbour.
  • Fish for crabs and smallmouth bass from the quayside. We have the equipment you need!
  • Let our experienced fishermen teach the kids about cleaning fish and filleting.
  • Light a fire on the shore below the fisherman's cabin.
  • Go for a walk and explore the local area.
  • Find flat stones and «throw flounder» in the mirror-shiny water surface.
  • Find seaweed bounces and bubble watches on the shore.
  • Climb rocks and collect shells.
  • Dangle with your legs outside the quayside, while chewing on freshly beaten stockfish.

Kids usually remember the time we spent together and the feeling it gave. Look for activities that provide opportunities for participation, peace, togetherness and mastery. And then there is the fact that the best things in life are often free..!