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7 hikes in Lofoten you will never forget

Lofoten is an eldorado of hiking opportunities for everyone, and the summits are of the most spectacular variety! Here are our best tips for hikes in the world's most beautiful archipelago!


Himmeltind is Vestvågøy's highest peak with its 964 masl. The name of the mountain fits very well since the view and experience on the top, in every way, gives you the feeling of being in contact with the sky. Park at the tunnel entrance at Haukland Beach, or right after you get out of the tunnel at Uttakleiv. Follow the cart road until you see the path. This is a relatively demanding hike; wich takes about 5-6 hours. There is a partial path on the way to the top, but not marked.


Offersøykammen (436 masl) offers a somewhat steep, but still easy hike. At the top, you get a fantastic 360-degree view of Leknes, Nappstraumen and Haukland beach. Most people start the hike from Skreda. You will find parking space at the foot of the mountain, next to the road. The path from here is clear and well-trodden. This is a great mountain to hike both during the day, and as an evening hike.


Skotttind (671 masl) is the highest mountain of Ballstad. From here you have a fantastic view in all directions! The trip starts at Vetting, heading towards Vettingtind (309 masl). Follow a private gravel road for about 1.5 km before you reach the path marked «Skottind». The hike starts with a gentle climb before it gets steeper. Please note that the trail's surface can be a bit challenging if it has just been raining. The summit is very exposed, so tread carefully and pay attention to the hole just below the top.

Nesland - Nusfjord

From Nesland to Nusfjord, you can follow an old fishing path along the sea. This is a great hike for families with children. The hike goes in a relatively easy terrain with a few climbs and takes about two hours one way. Upon arrival in Nusfjord, one of Norway's oldest and finest fishing villages, there is a café. Here is also a restaurant and an old authentic store from 1907, where you can buy refreshments. Many choose to start from Nesland and finish in Nusfjord, which of course requires transport from Nusfjord.


On Moskenesøya you will find the mountain Ryten. It rises 542 meters above sea level and has panoramic views of the open sea, and the beautiful Kvalvika beach. Ryten offers the unbeatable Lofoten view with chalk-white beaches, turquoise water and steep mountains. This is a relatively easy hike and is well suited for families with children. You can reach Ryten via the beach Kvalvika, or by going directly to the mountain top. Take the E10 towards Yttersand and then towards Fredvang. Park the car in the parking lot near Kvalvika. From the car, you will clearly see a path leading towards Ryten.


Stornappstind is located north-east on Flakstadøy and is 740 masl.

The hike takes about two hours from the parking lot to the top. The view from Stornappstind is really worth the effort! Start at the parking lot at Nappskaret. From here, you follow the Graval road through the sheep gate. Stick to the right, and the path goes just next to the small alpine slope. Follow the path straight up to the foot of Lille Nappstind, further around this and to the right up through the valley. Then turn left and cross the river at the top. Follow the path further steeply up the hill to the ridge right before it flattens out towards the top.


The hike to Nonstind (459 masl) at Ballstad is a nice hike that offers many viewpoints along the way. You start the hike from Kræmmervika at Ballstad where you either follow the mountain's ridge from the parking lot or start from the path that is 200 meters further on the road. The trail is somewhat steep up to Ballstadheia, but there are good trails towards the summit once you have passed the steep section. From Nonstind you can also continue towards Munkan, 494 masl. The hike takes about 1-1.5 hours.

Har du allerede sett deg ut en favoritt? Skal du være i Lofoten over en lengre periode kan du jo fort begi deg ut på flere av fjellturene. Og trenger du et sted å være under oppholdet er du hjertelig velkommen til oss!

Hemmingodden Lodge at Ballstad is the perfect base for an active hiking holiday. From the lodge, there are short distances to the whole Lofoten archipelago. Explore the mountains and find peace in our fisherman's cabins afterwards. Here at Hemmingodden you can also rent boats and experience the characteristic Lofoten nature from the sea.