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These are the most beautiful beaches in Lofoten

Explore the Lofoten Islands beaches and return home to Hemmingodden and Ballstad, where you find calmness and peace. Hemmingodden Lodge is the perfect base for excursions in Lofoten!

Bunes Beach

Bunes beach is a legendary beach in Lofoten. To get here you have to take a boat from the small village of Reine. When the captain shouts "Vindstad", you jump off the boat. A cart road leads you towards the beach, and at the end of the road, you see a narrow path with a slight incline. Soon the 1 km long Bunes beach reveals itself. From Vindstad you can also hike up to the mighty Helvetestinden. This mountain is somewhat demanding to hike, and you should be used to hiking before you go there. From Helvetestinden there is a fantastic view of Kjerkfjorden, Vindstad and Reinefjorden.

Haukland Beach

Haukland beach is located close to Leknes on Vestvågøy. In 2011 this beach was named Norway's most beautiful beach. It is straightforward to understand why!

By the beach, there is a nice cafe and toilets. There are also good parking facilities, just next to the beach. If you like to explore the terrain around Haukeland, you can follow the road along the shore to the next beach called Uttakleiv. On the return trip, you can choose to walk over the gorge and hike up the mountain Mannen. The summit of Mannen gives you a fantastic view of the Haukland beach and its turquoise water, and also panoramic views of Lofoten!

Flakstad Beach

At Flakstad you will find the beautiful beaches Skagsanden and Flakstad beach. Both beaches are easily accessible by car and are located right by Skagen Camping. The white beach, the turquoise water and the waves at Flakstad beach tempt many surfers. Rent a surfboard and wetsuit there and enjoy the waves! It is said that the waves here are a little kinder than the ones at Unstad beach.

Ramberg Beach

Beautifully located Ramberg beach is probably the most photographed beach in Lofoten where it tempts with green grass, azure blue water, and the mountains behind. Ramberg guest house and camping is located right by the beach and is a great place to be if you like to spend more time at this wonderful place.