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Follow in the footsteps of the Vikings

Did you know that at Borg in Lofoten is Europe's largest chieftain's house from the Viking Age? Visit the Lofotr Viking Museum and have a unique experience. At this living museum, all the senses come alive to give you a sense of going back in time.

After a farmer at Borg found various objects when he was ploughing the field, archaeological investigations were started in 1983. In the years 1986-1989, a joint Scandinavian research project was carried out at Borg. The excavation revealed the remains of the longest building found from the Viking Age in Norway and Europe.

The archaeological finds at Borg testify to a rich chief who was part of the Scandinavian upper-class culture. Since Lofoten and northern Norway had plenty of natural resources, the chief could go out and visit relatives with beautiful gifts such as eiderdown, stockfish, skin from seals, reindeer, bears and foxes, bones, horns and antlers.

The chief also contacted the Sami population who provided him with important trade goods that were used for exchange, and he brought home to grain, honey, weapons and prestigious items such as jewellery, glass and precious metal. The spectacular goods show that Borg in the Viking Age was part of the big world.

As a result of the excavations at Borg, the Lofotr Viking Museum was established. The museum is today located exactly where the story of the Vikings at Borg took place. Experience the houses, the farm, the animals, the food, the smells and the crafts - a strong and sensual experience of the recreated, and brought to life, Viking times. Walk on the landscaped paths and see the mighty Viking ship that lies down in the bay. Guides in contemporary clothing show you around, and you really get the feeling of visiting another time.

Lofotr Viking Museum is an exciting and educational place for both adults and children. Bring your family and visit this wonderful museum. Calculate plenty of time - there is a lot to experience here. Every year in August, the Lofotr Viking Festival is arranged with a playful and fun program for the whole family. There will be stories told, competitions, a market, theatre and music.

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