Welcome home!

At Hemmingodden Lodge you will be met by warm hosts and cosy, modern and soulful fisherman's cabins.

We offer exciting experiences and magnificent nature, and that often hard to find a sense of tranquillity. At our place, you will experience the story of a vibrant fishing village and genuinely feel what the real Lofoten is about.

You will learn about history and crafts, taste the exquisite local food combined with warm hospitality, and witness your memories being created. We love to see the smiles on the faces of our guests.

Welcome home!




The story

In 1935, the dream of a sixteen-year-old at Ballstad came true. Oluf Nilsen has bought his first boat and is about to become a fisherman. Later, Oluf`s son Harald also became a fisherman. Together, father and son worked as fishermen and later bought Hemmingodden where they started fish production.

At Hemmingodden they put up fishermans cabins, facilities for baiting hooks, racks for drying fish and production facilities. Oluf and Harald are skilled producers and supply stockfish of excellent quality. For the most part, the two of them manage all the production by themselves, but when needed they got good help from their children and also their children's friends.

Oluf's wife, Anne, worked as a cook for the crew and served good home cooking with fresh caught fish and milk soup, meat on Wednesdays and pancakes on Saturdays for the hungry and exhausted fishermen. Lotte, Harald's wife, rented out the fisherman's cabins at Hemmingodden and she was a warm host for everyone who came to visit. Lotte, Haralds wife also works as a cook for the fishermen, both on land and on board the boat.

Food for hungry fishermen were served in Kokkbua.

The story of Oluf, Anne, Harald and Lotte still exist in the walls of the rorbu`s, in the planks of the boat landing and in the eyes of the hosts at Hemmingodden.

Today Trond-Ketil, the son of Harald, owns Hemmingodden Lodge with his wife Ellen and have been developing the business together since 2015.

With the hospitality, craftsmanship and confidence of two generations, Trond-Ketil and Ellen proudly carry on the traditions. At Hemmingodden Lodge guests can spend the night in fisherman's cabins, rent a boat, join real fishermen on guided fishing trips and experience local food at restaurant HEIM.